Carnival at DISD

On Monday, February 12, the German traditional Karneval was celebrated at DISD. In Kindergarten and Primary School, teachers and students arrived in creative costumes. Princesses and Superheroes were present, as well as fire fighters, policewomen and men as doctors.

In Kindergarten, everyone came together in the morning to sing and dance and later play fun games like musical chairs and balloon dance.

The students of primary school were presented with delicious snacks, like the traditional Faschingskrapfen pastry. Later on a cheerful polonaise went through the whole primary school and school foyer to end in the primary school lobby, where the parents council had decorated a small stage with clowns and balloons. There, the teachers sung and danced with the students. The highlights were two theater plays by students and teachers where the children rolled on the floor laughing.

The wonderful day showed that one does not have to be in Cologne, Dusseldorf or Mainz to have a good time on that important German holiday. Thanks to the outstanding commitment of teachers and parents, Karneval was celebrated in high spirits in Dubai.

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