Break Time Activity at DISD

Since the Holy Month of Ramadan, the PE Department of the school offers break time activities during the lunch break for the Primary School as well as the Secondary school. No matter if it is Ping Pong, Basketball, Volleyball or Badminton – everyone enjoys his or her lunch break in the sports hall and plays with his or her favourite class mates or you can just see kids making new friends. The activities which are run by the sports coordinators and the PE department and the number of students who are participating exceeded our expectations by far. Just right after the ring of the bell, everyone is rushing into the sports hall to set up the ping pong tables, the Volleyball net and the Badminton nets. After 35 minutes of intense playing and fighting for every point all the students dismantle everything together peacefully. Our aim as the PE department is to run the activities in the new school year as well and to include it into the schedule of the DISD students.


Text: Marcus Brösgen for PE Department of Primary and Secondary School