Book Week in Primary School

The annual Book Week of the Primary School took place from March 05 – 08 2018 at DISD.

We invited a special guest from Germany this year: Michael Petrowitz, the author of many popular children’s books.

He read and acted out his books, what an amazing experience for the primary school students. On Tuesday, the author gave a writing workshop for the students of 3rd and 4th grade. The students received different techniques to write and everyone wrote a short story. Some of the stories were read aloud to the end of the workshops and received applause by the crowd. Furthermore, the author signed a book for each student. They clearly enjoyed the workshops, which was shown in the group pictures. In the end, the head of primary school thanked the author Michael Petrowitz for his effort.

Another highlight was the book character day, when students came in very creative costumes to school. Find all pictures here.

During the week fun literature quizzes took place in the primary school library. Great prizes were hidden in the library which the students found through clever hints at the scavenger hunt.

On Thursday, the students presented all the beautiful paintings, dances, crafts and stories they had made during the week. Furthermore, a reading contest took place. Congratulations to the winners!


Please find more pictures on our Facebook page.