Authors Reading at DISD Leseoase

On Thursday, October 25th, grade 4 had visitors from the USA. The public speaker Corretta Doctor, and authors C. Natasha Richburg and Dr Anita Davis Defoe read the students from the books „The Super Adventures of The Red Balloon“ and „Kawabena and The Baobab Tree”. The three women spoke in the interactive reading with the students about the topics of the books. „The Super Adventures of The Red Balloon“ is about children with superpowers, which do not mean that they can fly or make themselves invisible. However, their superpowers are just human, for example being helpful and friendly to their peers. „Kawabena and The Baobab Tree” tells about friends, who have to fight bullying and peer pressure. The DISD students answered the questions of the authors with a lot of curiosity and energy. The ladies were impressed by the students by the students English skills and how well they could articulate themselves. They gave a collection of books a a present for the “Leseoase” library. DISD thanks the authors for the great visit!