Strong DISD Athletics Team at Racenight No. 2

The last Racenight in the stadium in Sports City was a great success. So we can look forward to the race nights to come this season.

The next Racenight will be on Thursday Januar 25 2018. I`m very proud of all students who were competing.

Well done everyone and I look forward to the next practice days in December and January on the DISD Sports Field.

Thomas Harenberg


On Thursday, January 25th 2018, the next Ultimate Racenight will take place.

Please register via e-mail to Mr Harenberg:


Location: Ultimate Athletics. The stadium is located in the Dubai Sports City Rugby Park. You can park at Fit Republik/ICC Acadamy.

Ultimate Racenight is an athletics competition for all age groups.

Board member Mr Thomas Harenberg and the teachers Mrs Gabriela Greipel and Mr Marcus Brösgen are available for preliminary training and coordination at the sports event

Preliminary Training

Training will take place from 9:30 am to 11 am on the DISD Sports Field and Gym

December 9th – Running including hurdles; Long Jumping
December 16th – Running including hurdles; Long Jumping This Saturday from 10.30 am until 12.30 pm

December 22nd – High Jumping (Gym); endurance training
December 29th – High Jumping (Gym); endurance training

January 6th – Running including hurdles; Long Jumping and/or High Jumping
January 16th – Running including hurdles; Long Jumping and/or High Jumping
January 29th – Running including hurdles; Long Jumping and/or High Jumping

Shot Put will be offered for interested students!


A few tips for choosing the right competition:

  • Everyone can participate in the sprint disciplines.
  • Taking part in the middle-distance of 1500 m is only recommended if the student has already run such or a longer distance.
  • This also applies to the disciplines of hurdles, spear throwing and high jumping! Students who nevertheless dare to take part in the high jump, receive the full support of Mr Harenberg.


Please come dressed in sportswear.