To all track and field athletes:

On Thursday, October 19th 2017, the next Ultimate Racenight will take place.

The competition starts at 4.45pm and ends ca. at 7.00pm.

All participants from DISD meet at 4.00pm in the stadium.

Location: Ultimate Athletics. The stadium is located in the Dubai Sports City Rugby Park. You can park at Fit Republik/ICC Acadamy.

Ultimate Racenight is an athletics competition for all age groups.

Board member Mr Thomas Harenberg and the teachers Mrs Gabriela Greipel and Mr Marcus Brösgen are available for preliminary training and coordination at the sports event

The registration is quite easy and can be done here:

Ultimate Racenight Meet No.1 – 19. Oktober 2017

The starting fee is 80 AED per participant and is payable at the registration desk of the sporting event. Since your child is representing DISD, the school will pay the starting fee. For reimbursement please bring the receipt to the cashier’s office.

Preliminary Training

With focus on Sprints out of the starting block, middle distance und high jumping:

Saturday, October 7th, and Saturday, October 14th, from 9:30 am on the track field of DISD.

Please come dressed in sportswear.


A few tips for choosing the right competition:

  • Everyone can participate in the sprint disciplines.
  • Taking part in the middle-distance of 1500 m is only recommended if the student has already run such or a longer distance.
  • This also applies to the disciplines of hurdles, spear throwing and high jumping! Students who nevertheless dare to take part in the high jump, receive the full support of Mr Harenberg.