The Arabic department has an excellent reputation at the KHDA for many years. Currently the Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB) of the KHDA recommends the DISD as one of the best schools in teaching Arabic Language in Dubai.

For this reason the school’s Arabic department has been invited to present their outstanding teaching methods at the Living Arabic Forum. The forum takes place on March 6th. It is organized by the KHDA and open to all of Dubai’s Arabic teachers. Apart from participating in lectures and workshops, the teachers can take the opportunity to exchange information and do networking.

DISD Arabic Department – a strong team

The encounter with the Arab culture, the values and the language of its host country plays an important role for the DISD. Celebrations of Arabic festivities, workshops and presentations bring the Arab culture closer to the German students.

Under the managment of Mrs Mahbouba Hassan the team offers vivid Arabic classes that contain self-made videos and role plays. With these methods the students are not only perfectly trained in reading, writing and listening, but as well in using the language.

werden gefeiert, in Workshops und Präsentationen wird den deutschen Schülern die arabische Kultur nähergebracht.

Unter der Leitung von Frau Mahbouba Hassan bietet das Team der Arabischabteilung in allen Jahrgangsstufen einen anschaulichen Arabischunterricht, der selbstgedrehte Videos und Rollenspiele beinhaltet. So werden die Schüler nicht nur im Lesen, Schreiben und Hören, sondern auch im Anwenden der Sprache, bestens geschult.