Lese-Oase and Bibliothopia/Emirates Library

In the DISD libraries the pupils can borrow fiction as well as non-fiction in the form of different media.

The library team is available at any time and happy to help the pupils to find the right information and media.

For a lending the DISD school ID is mandatory.

Please read the Library regulations before using the library.

Primary Library Lese-Oase

The Lese-Oase is located in primary school and holds a peaceful, engaging atmosphere for students to practice their reading skills and spend the breaks with their friends. Kindergarten groups and school classes regulary visit the library with their teachers to learn how a library works, read books together and even watch movies and craft together. The librarian Mrs Yvonne Rein-Harmucu is always committed to obtain up-to-date books, CDs and DVDs about relevant topics and with educational purpose. During the book week of primary school, readings by authors, presentations, quizzes and scavenger hunts take place in the Lese-Oase.

Mrs Rein-Harmucu can be reached via bibliothek@germanschool.ae

Opening hours: 

Tuesday &  Thursday: 7:45 am – 2:40 pm

Monday & Wednesday: 7:45 am – 2:10 pm

Every Wednesday, Parents can borrow books as well.

Both libraries are closed on Sundays!

CALL ON ALL PARENTS: Are you interested in supporting us in the primary school library? We are looking for volunteers when students lend books. Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays from 14:10 until 14:40. If you are interested, please contact our primary school librarian Mrs. Yvonne Rein-Hamurcu by e-mail.

Bibliothepia / Emirates Library for Secondary School

Bibliothopia in the foyer of secondary school is a large, inspiring space for students from 5th grade upwards to lend English and German-speaking novels, non-fiction as well as text books. Furthermore, workstations with access to computers are available and couches to relax during class. The librarian Mrs Jessica Scherneck is continuously working on making the variety of books and movies more interesting for teenagers and adults and setting up a variety of technology-based learning methods. So far, this includes a 3D-printer and Virtual Reality glasses which can be used under Mrs Delps guidance. Bibliothopia is often hosting for events, like cross-school reading contest and exchanges, readings and presentations by authors and IT Training for the students.

Mrs Scherneck can be reached via bibliothek@germanschool.ae


Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday: 7:45 – 4 pm

Every Wednesday, Parents can borrow books as well.

Both libraries are closed on Sundays!

OPAC – reserve, extend & search for DISD-media online now!

We would like to introduce you to our new OPAC. The OPAC is the online-catalogue for our library. You can access it not only to renew and find books, but also to write reviews, reserve items or just browse for research. Attached you will find your username and password for the OPAC and a short list of FAQs.



Access OPAC here!



What is an OPAC?

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) is a computerized library catalog available to the public. Most OPACs are accessible over the Internet to users all over the world.

You will find all items available in the collections of the primary and the secondary library.

Why use a catalog instead of just browsing the shelves of the library to find a book?

Books that contain information on a particular topic may be shelved in several different areas of the library, in special collections, or even in different libraries altogether. Books are shelved in the library by classification, genre and authors, so you would have to be very familiar with the Classification System of the library to find the area devoted to your topic.

If the OPAC is offline – How do I get in touch with the library staff?

You can send us an email at bibliothek@germanschool.ae

How do use the OPAC?

You can access your account by entering your username and PIN.

Your profile lets you check your own borrowing details, your borrowing history, to manage reserves, update email and mobile phone details, as well as register your own areas of interest. You may also have the ability to print, reserve, book, and read and write reviews.