German Football Academy

by Just Play

Our Vision

Our long term vision is to maintain a football academy that will exist on the grounds of the German International School in Dubai. Our aim is

  • to continue to promote skill development for all of the participants of our football afterschool sessions,
  • to develop a competitive squad for advanced players,
  • to build up a strong technical program for players during additional, intense training sessions and
  • to maintain a competitive position among other national academy programs.
Through this program, I aim to instill an innovative, player-centered philosophy that promotes the development of technical abilities as well as sound decision-making.

Mohamed M’Ribet, Coach

The U10 Team

  • From the approx. 80 players of the Football After-school activity, 13 players were chosen for the team.They are then part of the GERMAN FOOTBALL ACADEMY.
  • They train Tuesday, 4.30 – 5.30 pm.

Become a part of the GERMAN FOOTBALL ACADEMY! For more information about the Academy and how to become a part of it, please contact Mohamed.

Training Schedule of the Football After-school Activity

Year 1-2: Monday and Wednesday, 2.40 – 4.10 pm, Sports hall / field

Year 2-4: Monday and Wednesday, 2.40 – 4.10 pm, Sports hall / field

Year 5-7: Sunday, 2.40 – 4.10 pm, Sports hall / field

Year 8+: Thursday, 2.40-4.10 pm, Sports hall / field

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