After-School Activities at DISD

The afternoon program will start on Sunday, October 1st 2017.

All after-school clubs and remedial teaching are organised and handled by our partner Just Play. You can register from September 14th on through the parents portal on the Just Play website. Your contact person is Mrs Maica Bugarin. You will find the Just Play office opposite of the kindergarten entrance at our school.

With our offering of various After School Activities and afternoon courses we contribute to fostering the interests and skills of our students and strengthening the school community.

Our after-school activities program for the first half year of 2017/18

This year again you child can choose from a various program consisting of sports, music and creative activities.

Talented students will be invited to join our school teams for football, swimming, school band and orchestra.

New for this school year are the Curriculum Complementing Classes. These courses offer individual encouragement and creative learning. We have Debating, Photography and Drama Classes on offer. The courses are supported by the school and will have a low fee.

All upcoming dates at a glance

14.09.2017, 12.30 until 1.30 pm: After-school activities presentations for students and parents of the primary school

14.09.2017, 1.30 bis 2.30 pm: After-school activities presentations for students and parents of the secondary school

(Attention: the school buses will leave on time at 2.20 pm)

14.09.2017, 8.00 pm: Online registration and payment will be open – login data will be sent to you in advance

17.09.2017, 2.15 pm: Trial Classes of the music activities for students from grade 3-12. Parents are cordially invited to attend the trial classes.

23.09.2017: Final day of the online registration