After-School Activities at DISD

Gulf Star Sports is offering a Winter Camp at DISD this year!

Week 1 from the 15th to the 19th December
Week 2 from the 29th to the 31st December

They have an incredible 50% discount available on Winter camps ONLY at DISD! Offer ends on Thursday 28th November. Only 420 AED per week or 105 AED per day!


Our After-School Program 1st Term 2019/20

The children can choose from a diverse program consisting of sports, music and creative activities.

All students are invited to join our school teams trials for football, swimming, basketball and athletics.  The coaches Mr James Dodd and Mrs Jessica Prelle will then choose the best students to be part in the school teams. If you are interested, please contact the coaches.

The Curriculum Complementing Classes offer individual encouragement and creative learning. We have Drama and Newspaper Classes on offer. The courses are supported by the school and will be offered at a low fee.

Introduction to After-School Activities in Kindergarten

Sport Classes

Hip Hop & Street Dance NEW!!

Ballet & Hip Hop

Football – NEW TIMINGS!



Swimming – Please be aware, that parents need to be present at the Swim Sessions, which take 30 Minutes per child. Please contact Jacob at Gulf Star Sports to book your exact time slot on the day you have chosen.


Introduction to After-School Activities in Primary School

Remedial Teaching

Arabic Conversation

Introduction to After-School Activities in Secondary School

Creative Classes


Drama & Musical