After-School Activities at DISD

The after-school activities for the 2nd Term of 2018/19 will start on February 10th, 2019.

Please find the Activity Guide below, which gives all information about timings, registration and more.

From Monday, 14th January 2019 online registration and payment will be open from the parent’s portal on the Just Play website.

The Password to enter the system will be DISDASA.

Our After-School Program 2nd Term 2018/19

The children can choose from a diverse program consisting of sports, music and creative activities.

Talented students will be invited to join our school teams for football, swimming, school band and orchestra. If your child would like to join, please contact the respective coach.

The Curriculum Complementing Classes offer individual encouragement and creative learning. We have Debating, Photography, Student Newspaper and Drama Classes on offer. The courses are supported by the school and will be offered at a low fee.

Introduction to After-School Activities in Kindergarten

Introduction to After-School Activities in Primary School

Curriculum Complementing Classes

Drama Club, Year 4-6

Introduction to After-School Activities in Secondary School